Honors Program Information

The UMF Honors Program is open to motivated and high-achieving students who have shown exceptional creativity, resourcefulness, and a passion or knowledge. The Honors Program seeks to broaden intellectual horizons through seminars that teach multidisciplinary knowledge in an enriched academic environment.

What We Offer

The Honors House, located at 125 Lincoln Street, offers students a quiet study area, library, kitchen, spacious back deck, and space for classes and academic activities. Participants in the Honors Program are eligible for small, seminar-style interdisciplinary courses and a variety of specially planned lectures and field trips.

What You’ll Receive

Honors courses stress independent thinking, research and writing skills, and oral expression. Students may choose to culminate their work in the Honors Program with a senior research or creative project supervised by a professor in the student’s field of study. The skills developed through Honors study apply to any field and provide excellent preparation for graduate or professional study. Honors courses are designed to fulfill UMF general education requirements regardless of the student’s major.