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Honors Council Student Representatives AY20-21

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The Honors Council consists of the Honors Director, six faculty members, three Honors students, and the Vice-President for Academic Affairs at UMF (ex-officio).


The Council’s primary purpose is to assist the Honors Director in developing the Honors curriculum, selecting new Honors students, coordinating Honors Program changes, developing appropriate policies for the Program, reviewing Honors Thesis and Creative Projects and attending Honors Defenses. Honors Council faculty members serve for staggered three-year terms and Honors Council student members serve for one-year renewable terms.

  • Qualifications for nomination as a Student Representative for the UMF Honors Program (1 year term)

Must be a member of the UMF Honors Program, interested in working to improve the Honors  Program.  Representatives must retain student status for the entire duration  of the term.

  • Process

To self-nominate, interested students should email to the honors director a brief background statement (200 word limit) that includes what the candidate wants to improve/implement as Student Representative and qualifications/experience that will help them to do so.

Should the number of nominations exceed three (3) an election will be held.  The top three vote recipients will be appointed to the Honors Council.  Ties are decided by the Honors Council.  All UMF Honors students in good standing are eligible to vote.

  • Responsibilities

Student representatives are full voting members of the honors council with a particular  charge to  provide voice to honors students.  Student representatives should solicit   feedback regarding issues  impacting on students’ honors academic studies and learning experiences to discuss at Honors  Council meetings in order to affect positive change in the program. Student Representatives are  expected to attend Honors Council meeting and participate in HON 499 defenses when possible.

Approved by Honors Council 4/11/18