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Sam Bennett

Since graduating from UMF, I have moved on to start studying veterinary medicine at the University of Prince Edward Island’s Atlantic Veterinary College. I am adjusting to the new life quite well, and I look forward to all the new and exciting things I will learn over the next four years! Here I am with a few future clients…

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Sarah Gould

 Senior year I took a leap of faith and applied to work as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant and exactly one year later I am here in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia working in the British and American Studies Department at the National University of Mongolia. I coteach speaking and listening classes to 80+ second-year students and in the evenings I run a speaking club and a writing club for upper-level students. In my spare time, I have tried to embrace as much Mongolian culture as I can. 


Elise Musicant

I have been working at Johnny’s Selected Seeds since graduation. I began in May 2016 in the Contact Center and was promoted to a Customer Care Specialist in February 2017. I live in Waterville with my two cats and my fiancé, and we are preparing to get married in 2018.


Kate Perry

 I am graduating in a couple of weeks and I have actually already secured a full-time job working for Bonney Staffing as a Staffing Supervisor. Additionally, I have been accepted to UNH's MBA program for Fall 2022.



The knowledge I gained while researching my thesis in the field is strongly influencing the way I approach math instruction with my current students and the standards I hold for determining whether a student has mastered a math concept…. I encourage honors students to take some courses just for the sake of exploring a new topic outside of their major. It really helped to broaden my viewpoints and challenge my thinking.” – Chelsea Martel, Class of 2015

” I have nothing but positive things to say about UMF’s honors program. The classes were great, mostly due to the small class sizes and engaged students…. My honors thesis was the best thing I could have done at UMF. I think it was my ticket into grad school.” – CeCelia Palow, Class of 2013

“My experience with the Honors Program was immensely transformative and exactly the kind of intellectual space that all students should experience. The intimacy of the program and the sense of solidarity is incredibly fulfilling.” – Hayden Golden, Class of 2012

“I am incredibly grateful for my time in the Honors Program at UMF. When I went to UMF I was timid of my own capabilities. The professors taught me how to challenge myself, and accept that I can contribute greatly to the community. They taught me the self-confidence I was lacking for so many years.” – Jess Morales, Class of 2012

“UMF Honors let me do obscure things…. it was awesome to do the sorts of bizarre and crazy specific research/academia things… and have fun and be celebrated for doing so.” – Kelsey Lowe, Class of 2011

“The program prepared me for post-graduate research by making me learn how to write a dissertation and present my research. In fact, that has been my inspiration during my Masters in Geneva, Switzerland and also right now as I embark on my PhD in London. Completing my Honors thesis gave me the confidence to continue in the academic field. What I cherish most about the program is the warmness, the innovation, the openness and freshness of ideas shared between faculty and students in the Program.” – Oreva Olakpe, Class of 2009

“The UMF Honors program was extremely influential for me. My favorite courses at UMF were Honors courses. I not only learned the topics, but learned a love for learning and saw what a real passion for teaching looks like. My Honors professors were so passionate about the topics they were teaching, and I learned from them what joy one could get from teaching at a college level.” – Ryan Pickering, Class of 2008

“In addition to introducing me to exciting new topics and subjects, the Honors Program also provided me with the opportunity to experience new things that enriched my education and my world view…. The process of researching and writing the thesis facilitated the development of my methodological skills and gave me an excellent preview of what completing an M.A. thesis and a dissertation would look like.” – Travis Lowe, Class of 2006

“The Honors classes definitely gave me the extra stimulation that I needed to keep focused and enthusiastic about school…. The philosophical discussions were absolutely wonderful and got me thinking about so many different topics and ideas that otherwise I probably would never have considered…. The Honors Thesis was such an exciting and challenging piece of work. … I knew at the time of completing it that I was going to be going on to grad school, so in many ways I felt it was the early beginning of my grad school journey.” – Marylena Chaisson, Class of 2005

“I have fond memories from The Literary Love Letter course, which [Eric Brown] taught during my senior year…. I learned a lot about the art of writing, and this knowledge helps me every day as I am now a 7th grade English Language Arts teacher…. I enjoyed the challenge that [Honors] courses provided, and the kinds of conversations that the instructors facilitated.” – Caleb Richard, Class of 2004

“The Honors program at UMF was a rewarding experience for me…. Many of my friendships at UMF were built upon the Honors program affiliation…. My thesis, because I was an English major and greatly enjoyed working with children, was around fantasy literature and children’s social systems…. Now I am in my sixth year of teaching, and I am a fifth grade teacher and Lead teacher at Buxton Center Elementary School in the Bonny Eagle school district.” – Kate Vetro, Class of 2004

“I can honestly say that my entire academic career can be traced back directly to the UMF Honors Program. I enrolled at UMF as an English major, and had no idea what philosophy was all about. My first class at UMF was the Honors History of Western Thought I, and from that moment on I was hooked. The program’s logic requirement, small class sizes, written thesis, and close interaction with faculty all prepared me for graduate studies in philosophy. More importantly, they instilled in me a desire for research and a life of the mind.” – Matt Fulkerson Class of 2000

“The honors program was the most stimulating part of my UMF education. I learned to be a thinker in that program…. My other honors program friends and I started an honors club and we were able to do all sorts of fun events. The most memorable was when we brought Howard Zinn to campus. We had read his book, “A People’s History of the United States” in an honors class and were just thrilled to have him come to UMF to speak.” – Carla Smith Stover, Class of 1996

“I had an incredible education with the Honors classes and have many fond memories of the professors, the students and learning that I encountered because of my participation…. The Honors Program was instrumental in giving me a wonderful life foundation.” – Marjorie Childs, Class of 1989