Fall 2020  & Spring 2021

Meetings will be held via Zoom


*Honors Director reserves the right to cancel meetings when necessary. 

Meetings will also be cancelled if the date falls on a holiday or snow date.

The Honors Council consists of the Honors Director, six Honors faculty members, three Honors students, and the Vice President for Academic Affairs at UMF (ex-officio).

The Council's primary purpose is to assist the Honors Director in developing the Honors curriculum, conducting HON 499 defenses, coordinating Honors Program changes, and developing appropriate policies for the Program. Honors Council faculty members serve for staggered three-year terms and Honors Council student members serve for one-year renewable terms.

2020-2021 Council Members:

N. André  Siamundele, Acting Honors Director and Assistant Professor of French

Jonathan Cohen,  Professor of Philosophy (2021)

Julia Daly, Associate Professor of Geology (2021)

Jayne Decker, Instructor of Theater (2022)

Gretchen Legler, Professor of Creative Writing (2023)

Michael Schoeppner, Assistant Professor of History (2023)

Marilyn Shea, Professor of Psychology (2022)

Student Representatives;  Isabelle King and Sam Wood ( 2021)

Eric Brown, Provost (Ex-officio)

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