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Secondary Education-English

Growing up around the area I thought I knew everything about UMF but there is so much more than what I knew. UMF is it's own community with a world full of different people. I have learned so much about different states and things other people enjoy doing. The Honors Program has given me access to classes where I have met some amazing people with similar thought processes and interests. Meeting these people has helped me grow and learn as a person about how different situations can be for each person. It has given me the opportunity to find my place on campus. 


English and International and Global Studies, with a minor in Art

To me, UMF is more than a school; it’s a place where you grow and develop as a person and a student, inside and outside of the classroom. Its small community provides a very close relationship with the committed faculty who focuses on helping students become their best selves. UMF becomes home, far away from home. Through the diverse topics offered in the Honors Program, I have been challenged academically while being surrounded by a positive environment of motivated peers who share the same passion and drive for learning. 


I’m a Creative Writing major here at UMF, with a minor in Editing & Publishing. I’ve loved my time with the Honors program—pre-COVID, the Honors House was one of my favorite places to spend time cooking and studying. The students are kind, smart, and good at sharing the snacks on most occasions. UMF is such a small, tight-knit community where it’s so easy to find support from all the communities here. Even when we’re far apart, the support is still there.  


The Honors Program has given me opportunities to grow as a student and as a leader. Organizing the first Honors Program Leadership Conference allowed me to develop my own leadership skills and gave me the opportunity to meet and work with other students in the Honors Program. I have also enjoyed and benefited from learning alongside other motivated students in honors classes.


Nathan is a pre-med biology major with a minor in coaching. In his free time, he enjoys hanging out with friends and playing basketball. He loves that UMF has a community feel to it where students and faculty work together to ensure educational growth, and that it has created an atmosphere like home. He likes that the program will provide him a chance to learn and push thinking in a way that other courses are unable to do so.  Plus, it’s a great place to study and the free printing is a great benefit.


Mattie is an early childhood, special education major with a minor in psychology. In her free time, she enjoys photography, hiking and skiing. She loves the community atmosphere of UMF and believes this is the reason she has thrived here. She loves the diverse topics the Honors Program provides. After graduation in the spring, Mattie is planning on teaching pre-school or working in admissions. She has left great advice for incoming freshmen Honors students; save general education courses for Honors courses!