Do you want to become active in the Honors Program? If so, here are the opportunities.

Honors Program hires students for the fall and spring semesters  under Work Initiative, meaning you do not need financial aid to apply.  The job description may vary by year but typically includes event planning, social media, or leading Honors Development Groups.



HC has three seats available for student representatives. Statements of interest are sought in April for those wishing to serve a one-year term on Honors Council.  The Honors Director will announce this through the Honors listserve.  Selection is determined by the Honors student body voting system.  

 Honors students may opt to be members of the committee.  The main responsibility is to create events, both on and off campus.  These events can be small, or more detailed; from movie night at Honors House to planning a Boston excursion.  You have control of what Honors experience during their time here at UMF.  It's a big role, and it's a big deal!  If this interests you, email us! 


Occasionally, we hire students under Federal Work Study. 


Honors Journal Editors:

Brooke Miller and Makena Pauly

University of Maine at Farmington Honors Program AY 2020-21