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Read About the Program and What Honors Say

The UMF Honors Program is open to motivated and high-achieving students who have shown exceptional creativity, resourcefulness, and a passion for knowledge. The Honors Program seeks to broaden intellectual horizons through seminars that teach multidisciplinary knowledge in an enriched academic environment.

How do I join Honors Program?

  • The Admission Office reviews prospective student applications and sends Honors Program invitations to qualified individuals.

  • Faculty may also nominate outstanding current students.

  • Current students may self-nominate for admittance into the program.



There are many benefits to being an Honors student.  Classroom size is limited to 12 students allowing you greater access to your professor as well as being able to actively participate in classroom discussion. 

Honors House is open daily 7am-12 midnight during the fall and spring semesters with access to a snack-filled kitchen, study room, backyard and patio, and free printing.  Honors may also enjoy the benefit of priority registration for both fall and spring semesters. 


Programming includes events, conferences, experiential learning opportunities with travel, volunteerism, and a sense of belonging through activities,  Honors Development Groups, committees and more. 


Still not sure?  Please feel free to visit Honors House, or you may request an appointment with the Honors Director.  Just email us to schedule an appointment.


Garrett is an English major. In his free time, he enjoys listening to music, reading literature and philosophical works, writing poetry, watching shows and hanging out with friends. Garrett likes that UMF provides a friendly environment and is close to hiking areas. In addition, he loves that the Honors Program has opened an abundance of topics for him to explore what he did not in high school.

Nathan is a pre-med biology major with a minor in coaching. In his free time, he enjoys hanging out with friends and playing basketball. He loves that UMF has a community feel to it where students and faculty work together to ensure educational growth, and that it has created an atmosphere like home. He likes that the program will provide him a chance to learn and push thinking in a way that other courses are unable to do so.  Plus, it’s a great place to study and the free printing is a great benefit.

Chelsea is an elementary education major. In her free time, she loves to read, talk with her friends and watch Netflix. She loves that UMF has helpful, kind and knowledgeable professors. She is assured that the campus is safe and encourages students to express their beliefs and opinions. She enjoys the program because the courses have helped her acclimate to college life, and provide great opportunities outside the classroom. 

Mattie is an early childhood, special education major with a minor in psychology. In her free time, she enjoys photography, hiking and skiing. She loves the community atmosphere of UMF and believes this is the reason she has thrived here. She loves the diverse topics the Honors Program provides. After graduation in the spring, Mattie is planning on teaching pre-school or working in admissions. She has left great advice for incoming freshmen Honors students; save general education courses for Honors courses!

I came to UMF as transfer student my sophomore year and my experience in the honors program has been enlightening and enrichening towards my college career. Transitioning to a new school is challenging as it is easy to fall behind in required courses, but I found that the honors faculty was willing to work with me. I have been able to fulfill requirements in this and my academic program. The honors program allows me and all the students to experience new types of courses and meet others that are also excited for the challenge ahead.