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Why Honors? How can it benefit me?

Sure, being an Honors student is hard work, but hard work is generally rewarded.  First and foremost, earning Honors status upon graduation means you can include this on your resume.  Honors recognition tells employers you mean business! You've got what it takes to be their top employee!

So in the meantime, while you are a student, studying diligently, here is what you can benefit from:

  • Small classroom size: HON courses are capped at 12 students per course, that means you have greater access to your professor and you have more opportunity to engage in thought-provoking discussion. 

  • Access to the Honors Director:  Appointments to discuss any aspect of the program and your progress can be arranged.  

  • Cohesiveness:  The Honors Program is designed to build a sense of belonging, much like you would receive when participating in a sports team or club.

  • Priority registration: Honors have an opportunity to register for some courses before the rest of the campus body.  Although you may not be able to register for every class you want, it gives you an advantage to registering for many.  You will see your new registration date in your portal just a couple of days prior to campus registration.  You will also receive a notice through the Honors list serve.

  • Free printing:  Honors House has two work stations you can print from, yes for free!  Stop in during open hours; 7am-midnight Sunday through Saturday for the fall and spring semesters.

  • Snacks:  Honors fills the kitchen cupboard with snacks at the beginning of each month during the fall and spring semesters.

  • A home away from home:  You can cook  at Honors House, study, gather for social and academic purposes.  You may lounge on the back deck while picking apples off the tree.

  • Events:  Honors organizes events large and small each month.  Typical events include movies, games, baking, friend mixers, and focus groups.

  • Travel:  Honors funds an annual excursion, it could be local or perhaps Boston to see a play or Baltimore to attend a conference. There is usually little to no cost to Honors students.